Why boboli?

From its inception in 1984, boboli was a fussy baby: its desire to grow, going hand in hand with its eagerness to discover. Do join in our ardent quest to keep growing, to keep creating, and to keep discovering the fascinating, surprising, infinite world of children and fashion.

Training and advice

From the moment you join us, you will receive training and advice at all stages.

Profitability and prestige

boboli is a prestigious brand and a business that has proven its profitability for more than 30 years.

Visual support network

You will have at your disposal our architecture, coordination, window dressing and visual merchandising teams.

Marketing and Communication

Our support is also reflected in a fact: 5% of our turnover is dedicated to Marketing and Communication.

Do you want to open your own boboli franchise?

boboli needs entrepreneurs to keep growing!.

If you are one of them, tell us your details and also the information of you location (address, surface and meters of the facade), and we will contact you.